FW 2.04 babysteps Zero z and added on top

  • Hello,
    Since I upgraded to fw 2.04 and newest wencontrol I have a problem with my z / babysteps:
    If I print something and correct it with -0,5mm babysteps after finished print it zeroed my z and add -0,5 on top means first print starts at 0.0 -0.5 == new z0 next print it adds to the new z0 the -0.5 again and I crush into my bed. Into the other direction the same problem. It zeroed z at the new position and adds the correction up again! Also if I do home z it adds up the correction again and again. I always have to correct the babysteps to 0 before I do new home z and start the print again

  • you can not go below 0 by default.

    Normally if you print at 0.2 layer height, the most you can adjust is -0.2.

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    From https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_M290_Baby_stepping

    In RepRapFirmware 1.19 and earlier, the babystepping offset is reset to zero when the printer is homed or the bed is probed. In RepRapFirmware 1.21 and later, homing and bed probing don't reset babystepping, but you can reset it explicitly using M290 R0 S0.

    So reset your babystepping after applying it to you Z zeroing (however you are doing that).


  • You can go below 0 I also thought that, but you can’t see because it was zeroed new directly. On old fw it don’t let me go below 0. also my max and min for z are set to 0..505 but I can Still adjust by pressing -0.05 but z position stay at 0

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    Are you using mesh grip compensation?

    What does your config.g and homeall.g contain?

    I'm having a hard time actually understanding the issue.