WiFi server playing up

  • Is there an M command that provides feedback on whether the DuetWifi is connected, ie the IP address.

    I'm finding that on boot up, DWC doesn't find the fixed IP address that I've set up in the router. Going through PanelDue i've found that typing M552 S0, waiting a min, the M552 S1, DWC will then find the printer (works 80% time). Redoing always fixes it.

    I'd like to run a command to check what the state of the connection is, via the PanelDue - is it possible?
    I don't have a pc near the printer.

    I know the WiFi signal is OK, as my IP webcam that sits next to the printer works fine.

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    Currently you have to use M552 to stop and start the network, but the new firmware and WiFi server I am working on include the WiFi status in the M122 report.

    You can send M552 S1 immediately after M552 S0, no need to wait for a minute.

  • Thanks David, so I will need to wait for the next firmware to get wifi status.
    Great to see this feature in in development.

    Would reinstalling the wifi server firmware have any impact on reducing the failure?

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    If you are already running the 1.03-ch version then flashing it again probably won't help.

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    PS just a thought - try moving the M552 S1 command to the end of config.g and putting a G4 Sxxx delay command just before it, in case it's an issue with power stability or something like that.

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