Volcano useful in my case (SmartEffector upgrade ongoing)?

  • Hello all,

    I am unsure whether a possible update is worth it or not - I dont want to annoy anybody or waste someones time - this is not a "real" support-case for duet-related electronics, although close knowledge about the smart-effector will provide a more sane opinion, than I probably have.
    Please just disregard/delete/move this post if it is in the wrong section here - thank you =).
    Current situation :
    I could buy a used Anycubic Linear Kossel Plus, that was modded nicely and prints nicely. It has a Duet2Maestro already, and the previous owner switched to an AC Bed with 6mm plane Aluminium Base, with SSR and a 12V PSU. Currently it has complete stock rods, rod-ends and effector though.
    I already have the new SmartEffector here now, waiting for Haydn Huntleys Rods and MagBalls to arrive and I am now wondering, if it would be worth it to switch to a volcano-hotend - I have one here - or rather go with standard e3d.
    Questions are : Does it make sense to run a Volcano with 12V-40W Heater - I read in the forums, the trace on the smart effector is meant to be used with up to 4A Max - I suppose a 12V-50W one is not the best idea!?
    Is it worth it to replace the 12V Silent-PSU with a 24V one to be able to use a 24V 50W Heating-capsule? The previous owner has already done led lighting and thermistor controlled chamber fan with 12V leds + fan - so I would have to take this into account too ..
    My main goal is achieve highest possible speed/quality with standard materials that dont need temps > 250 - is the normal E3D a bottleneck in this situation at all? I think the linear rails/magball-rods combination, together with well set-up belts and settings should allow for pretty nice speeds shouldnt it?
    For the hotend, I would have good fans here for both voltages though - these needn`t be taken into account..
    Thanks for reading and for any opinion 😃

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    As your machine has an AC mains bed heater, I suggest you upgrade it to 24V. This may increase the travel speeds you can achieve too.

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