Duet Maestro seems to have died :(

  • So after getting my Bl touch issues sorted, got my printer running. Calibration tests etc all showed very good results. When booting up my printer earlier today I got onto DWC before going downstairs for a while. Came back to see it was trying to connect as the connection had been lost. Look over and see that the ethernet lights are off as well as my hotend fan. Take it all apart and cannot see any actual damage to anything. It just seems that the ethernet has stopped. I have it plugged in to my pc with my X,Y drivers and seem to be able to move it no problem. How would i go about replacing the board? Having this issue ontop of a dead driver 0 (forcing me to use my e1 drive for X which I had mentioned in my first post) its just a pain in the bottom having this cripled board 😞

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    Please use https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/What_to_do_if_your_Duet_won't_respond to diagnose the problem.

    Where did you buy your Duet Maestro?

  • @dc42 Heyyy, so.... the 5v, 3.3v, and vin voltage lights all work accordingly. I had disconnected everything and have the duet floating in mid air to be absolute 100% nothing is somehow shorting it. The diag led flashes on and turns off almost instantly after. I cannot see anything in any of the sys files to be off. I had reset it just in case, reinstalled the firmware through Bossa but to no avail. I can connect to it in S3D and YAT and thats the only way I can control the printer. The only thing I can think off is there somehow being a short in the ethernet port as it gets a bit warmer to the touch (not sure if its intended this way) the CPU reads 35c on my thermometer and the port reads around 28/30 . Sadly it still seems to not work.
    Purchased the board of the Duet3d. Can provide any details on DM's of course.

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    Thanks. Please send the following commands through YAT and check the response:

    M552 (it should report that networking is enabled)
    M39 (it should print the SD card details)
    M503 (it should print the contents of config.g)

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