Cell Phone interference

  • I had my cell phone hanging off of my printer, duet2 WiFi, and communication with the printer was very difficult. I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but my sd card kept corrupting as well. I've sinced moved my phone away and replaced my sd card, so I don't know if it's correlated.

  • @gnydick said in Cell Phone interference:


    WiFi signals can be utterly disturbed by the existence of very nearby other wifi signals. I have experienced that in my work more than once. I've seen wifi speed being cluttered by a mouse-receiver on an USB port on the same backpane as the antenna. So yes, the accessibility of the webgui could be compromised by something simple as a nearby cordless mouse or the wifi signal of your phone. I am not convinced that the signals of a cellphone could damage an SD card physically though.

  • My cat looked at my printer and the print came loose off the bed; which is odd because I don't have a cat so I don't know if its correlated.

    Pardon the sarcasm, but what exactly is the question?

  • A cell phone using WiFi or a wireless phone with DECT can well interfere with a weak WiFi connection. However, they won’t physically damage a SD card.

    @bearer In your case, it’s easy: simply ask Schroedinger what state the cat you do not own is currently in 🐱

  • Recommend making sure your steppers and frame are earth grounded.

  • @gnydick, if you curios about the cause, you can place your phone again near the printer and see if the problem happens again. It will be a useful information for you with either possible outcomes.

  • @zapta yeah. I was too frustrated having to recover my configs from the corrupted sd card to want to try again 😉

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