Unsure about my order status

  • Hi. I bought a Duet v3 and a Paneldue on November 11th, 2019. My order status currently says "complete". I know the V3 is a pre-order, so I thought perhaps the Paneldue isn't being shipped because you are waiting on the V3 to ship them both at once. I was planning on buying a Duet 2 Wifi and PanelDue for another printer, but I don't want to sit in limbo for such an order if there is some kind of shipping issues at the moment. Could you inform me of the actual status of my previous order?

  • Mine also shows as complete (for a duet 3) but as far as I know they haven't started shipping yet.

  • administrators

    We've received about 200 Duet 3 main boards alteady and we will start shipping this week. I think most orders will be shipped by the end of next week

  • @dc42 I see. Very good then. Thank you for clarifying that for me!

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