Green LED flickers then turns of when connecting USB

  • When connecting my Duet 2 Wifi to USB (Windows 10) then the green 3.3V LED Flickers and then slowly (1 sec) turns off. Windows Recognizes the Duett but then immediatly disconnects the USB ComPort. What can i do to solve this ? USB connector and card slot get quite warm. There is nothing connected to the board.

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    It sounds like there may be a short circuit on the Duet, or a problem with the USB cable. Windows will disable the USB port and cut power if a connected device draws too much power, which is what it sounds like is happening. If the card slot gets warm, it might indicate a short there. Is this a new Duet? If you can post a close up picture of the SD card slot and USB connector, a soldering fault may be visible.

    Try with a different USB cable first (are you using the one that came with the Duet?), but be aware that some USB cables are power-only cables, not power and data, so you won't see the Duet in Windows if you use the wrong cable, and there's little to show which type of cable it is!


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    I already tried different cables. I dont think the cable was the issue since Windoes recocnized the Duet correctly before killing the port. Nevertheless while debugging i killed the board while trying to measure 3.3V Rail IMG_6801.JPG blowing the 1A Fuse and killing the MCP. Any idea where i could get a replacement thought i am unsure of the exact tye it says 4403T 1661 375L. Still haven't found the reason for the original short. Anywhere i can get shematics for the board ? It was new 😕 and worked till i put it in a new case. Most likly i messed up the BLTouch Wiring.

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