[Solved] Diag Light and Unresponsive when SD Card inserted

  • My Duet Maestro crashed when prepping a print this morning, now I have a diag light and fully unresponsive (including serial) when there is an sd card installed. If I remove the SD card everything works, I can even enter all the GCODE from on config.g over the serial line and it seems to be ok.

    I've tried reflashing with BOSSA, replacing the SD card, using the new sd card contents, end result is always the same, diag light on and unresponsive when restarted with an sd card present.

    5v and 3.3v lights are lit.

    If I insert the SD card after restarting, I see this with M122

    Error: SD card speed 30.00Mbytes/sec is unexpected

    Again with any sd card.

    Any other ideas?

  • Well after spending most of the day playing around with no success, a can of compressed air over the board, around the sd card slot and ethernet slot and now it's functional.

    I've tried to remove and reinsert the card a bunch of times, put a small amount of pressure on the card and reader, let it run to warm up a bit, and it still works.

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