Want to buy laser for angravin aluminium

  • Hi

    Now i got a perfect working 3d printer with duet wifi nie i want to start a project with a laser on my duet wifi zog angravin aluminim.

    Which laser have enough Power to engraving in aluminium?


  • @lui2004
    Although I don’t own one, I believe you will need a fiber laser. The wavelength of fiber units is much more readily absorbed by Aluminum than a traditional diode lasers. Can’t really speak to power though I bet you could google it.

  • Will the laser be Fiber or CO2 or something else? Aluminum with CO2... Will you be using a marking agent?

    This is a long, complex, topic and I'd ask at https://www.reddit.com/r/lasercutting/ or some other forum that is more focused (ha!) on laser cutting and engraving.

    P.S. Spelling the word "engraving" will help people understand your question.

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