Duet 3 with 7 stepper drivers

  • Hi,
    we are interested to buy a duet 3 as a motherboard replacement for a leapfrog bolt pro printer. This is an IDEX printer, with 2 steppers for the y axis leading to a total need of 7 stepper drivers. I've seen on the main page that up to 7 steppers can be supported but when looking at the duet 3 I only see 6 of them. How could we achieve 7 ? Thank you.

  • administrators

    Two options:

    1. Connect the two Y motors in series or in parallel.
    2. Use a CAN-connected expansion board. Currently the only one you can pre-order is the EXP3HC. We will announce other expansion boards later. We have already previewed a tool board.

    Alternatively, you could use a Duet WiFi or Duet Ethernet plus DueX2 expansion board; or if the stepper motors don't need too much current, a Duet Maestro plus the 2-stepper daughter board.

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