Smart effector auto zero calibration.

  • Hello, i might have a stupid question but i was wondering why can't i just use the smart effector to automatically "jog" to touch the build plate go up the thickness of a piece of paper and automatically set that as 0 with G92 Z0, so basically automatic delta calibration instead of doing it by hand like described here : i'd just use the macro and smart effector to :
    1- home
    2-disable mesh and all compensation
    3-M208 S1 Z-3 to temporarily allow Z moves down to Z=-3mm
    4-go down to z = 30
    5-Send G30 S-1 to probe the bed without resetting the Z=0 position
    6-go up the thickness of an a4 piece of paper
    7-G92 Z0
    9- define and start auto mesh bed leveling.
    i know this might be stupid but it seems to be working in my macro, i appreciate any insight, thanks !

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    The Smart Effector doesn't trigger exactly when the nozzle first touches the bed. Due to flexibility in the printer mechanic and delays in the system, a G30 will stop when Z is slightly negative, perhaps -0.1mm. You need to measure this trigger height and put it in your G31 command. It shouldn't change unless you change the stiffness of the mechanics or the hardness of the bed.

  • sorry for taking so long to answer, i've been hard at work. thanks a lot for the answer i will take the frame and mechanics flexibility into account !

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