Soft Limits / No-Travel Areas

  • Is there any way to define an area, say - X-10:20 Y190:210 - that the firmware will recognize as a range of points or area that it cannot travel to or through?

    I have some longer leadscrews on my machine and it is possible for my z-axis probe to nick the top of the screws if I home X first and then home Y without first moving the carriage out of the way. Just trying to avoid having to cut my leadscrews!

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    RRF does not have that facility. But you could have the homey.g file move X 30mm to the right before homing Y. In case X is already near maximum and not homed, you could reduce the X motor current while doing this, maybe even set up a temporary stall detection X max endstop.

  • @dc42 Is there a possibility this could be added (maybe to RRF3)? Probably a pretty niche feature but it would be nice to have.

    I could also foresee a parameter disabling the no travel area; maybe in the case of a stationary purge station or even have the area where tools are located in a "no travel" zone until a tool change is called, and located within one of the macros it allows traveling in that area.

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    A "no travel" area can only work after the axes have been homed. So would it even solve your homing issue?

  • @dc42 That is a good point, it would not solve the homing issue. Probably going to need to shorten the leadscrews after all.

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