Duet Web Control 1.15b and RepRapFirmware 1.18 released

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    I have released Duet Web Control 1.15b on my GitHub repository which brings several bug fixes compared to 1.15a.
    Although the changelog looks rather long most of these enhancements were minor so I decided to not bump the version to 1.16 yet.

    Here again the changes since my last version:

    Added option to display webcam streams using an iframe (aspect ratio fixed at 16:9)
    Added selection button for theme and allow no theme to be selected at all
    Added my own code to control Piecon (thanks iDeveloUK for the idea)
    Corrected typo in README (thanks iDeveloUK)
    Allow manual refresh of webcam images if no update interval is specified (thanks iDeveloUK)
    DWC will automatically reconnect after a DWC update if the default password is used
    Improved temporary work-around for "Download File" buttons for Duet WiFis
    Changed default extrusion feedrate to 5mm/sec
    Removed redundant "min" files from CSS and JS directories
    Bug fix: Temp chart showed wrong color for a chamber heater
    Bug fix: If a DWC instance didn't start an upgrade and RRF reports it, it automatically disconnects and asks the user to reconnect when read
    Bug fix: Before files or directories are created their filenames are checked for bad characters
    Bug fix: Enumeration of Z probe types was incomplete
    Bug fix: Flot sometimes caused a JS error due to a missing condition

    Along with this web interface version I'm happy to release v1.18 of my firmware fork. Most of the included changes are once more credited to dc42, so many thanks again for them!

    in addition I have implemented a new interface to allow an external 3D scanner to be attached to the Duet boards, which required some changes in the web interface as well, but unless explicitly activated this extension should not be visible for regular users. I'm sorry that I cannot publish an example program (yet) but if anyone is interested, some basic documentation is available here on my GitHub repository.

    As always you can download DWC 1.15b here and precompiled firmware binaries of my firmware fork from here.

    If you encounter any problems with the firmware or web interface, please report them in this thread or open a new issue on my GitHub page.

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    Thanks for the updates!

    What is the advantage of controlling the 3D scanner from the Duet/DWC?

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    I made this change for an OEM who would like to control his machine and the attached 3D scanner using a single interface. In this case his 3D scanner will not have network access, so the only way to operate it is via DWC.

  • Hi chrishamm,

    We are planning to work on a modified version of DuetWebControl.

    You have mentioned in your GitHub repository that the software is licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License v2.

    From what i have read about that license we can modify it freely but we have to communicate it to you and in case of distribution to public we have to make the code available, wish we are more than gladly to make it available to all the community. Are there any other steps that we need to perform?

    Just to give you some idea about the modified version, we are planning on implement one app that chooses the desired printer automatically and sends all the needed printer informations and the Gcode to a webcontrol instance(not visible and user accessible) that makes the connection with the desired printer. If you have any hints or help that you can provide to us in advance we are more then glad to take it.

    Best Regards
    João Bernardino

  • hi Chris ,
    just curious whether the upgrade instructions are similar to those provided by dc42 one we get higher up then v1.18? the reason i ask is that upon my knee jerk upgrade motions that i follow , i ran into an error while attempting to update to the duetwebcontrol 1.16 package via the web update firmware button: when attempting to last three 1.16 version , i am denied with an error message that tells me i cannot upload zip packages through this system . how then , to update properly? i also ask because i read dc42's branch that includes this update instructions and warnings ,which indicates that going forward apparently , the wifi server software I think it was still no longer reside on the wifi module , but rather be offloaded to the cpu or mcu…wondering if the same precautions apply to your 1.19b6?

    thanks , in advance .


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