Printer stops at layer change

  • I am trying to print a cylindrical object and for some odd reason, the printer keeps stopping at at the layer change point for a fraction of a second. Its also stopping for a moment as it moves from inside perimeter to outside, which coincidently is in the same location as the Z seam. Its making a gigantic Z seam as it oozes while its sitting still for a tenth of a second. I have uploaded the file in question.[](Uploading 100%)

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  • @Rob That sounds like a tuning issue - i.e. the pause you are witnessing is because the extruder is retracting then un-retracting. On layer change, you have the additional pause due to the bed moving. i.e. retract - move bed - unretract. A few things you can try. If you have Z hop while retracting, disable it. Increase the maximum extruder speed and acceleration settings. Increase the retraction speed (but don't go too high). Decrease the retraction distance but look out for "stringing". Disable retraction in the slicer for small moves - that might help the pause between inner out out perimeters. Use pressure advance if you are not already doing so. That may allow you to use less retraction. Bizarrely, as it sounds, try more retraction. It may increase the "pause time" but might reduce the "ooze" during said pause. Use a fast speed for non print moves. Increase the Z speed and acceleration if possible. Try printing at a lower temperature - that too may educe the amount of "ooze".

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