"Define Area for Mesh Grid Compensation" -how to save?

  • Hey,

    In the duet web control there is a function called "Define Area for Mesh Grid Compensation" and every time i update the values it goes back when i power off. Is there a way to save? Where is the data stored for this?

    I'm using a BLtouch on my duet2wifi i've configured the mesh grid compensation. For this i've added the following to my config.g:

    M557 X0:210 Y0:210 S20

    But everytime i start my printer it says X180 and Y180.

    So - how do i save it so it's X210 and Y210?

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    @jontek2 said in "Define Area for Mesh Grid Compensation" -how to save?:

    But everytime i start my printer it says X180 and Y180.

    What "says X180 and Y180"? Do you mean that if you send M557 without parameters, it reports X0:180 Y0:180 ?

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  • M557 gives me:

    Grid: X0.0:210.0, Y0.0:210.0, radius -1.0, X spacing 20.0, Y spacing 20.0, 121 points

    But it's only probing to 180x180. It only goes to 210x210 if i change it in the image above.

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    I think the 180 you are seeing there is just a default value. If you already have the M557 command in your config.g set correctly you don't need to send it again in the DWC.

  • No, i once put 180 in there.

    The problem is whatever i put in M557 doesnt overwrite the value in "Define Area for Mesh Grid Comp..".

    If i reboot my duet2wifi and run a G29 it does it by 180x180. If i then update the values it does it by 210x210 (or whatever i put it to).

    Where is this value saved?

  • in your config.g
    System Editor

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    It looks to me that it doesn't get saved (possibly it does if you are running on a Duet 3 with an attached single board computer, I haven't tested that). I'll raise this with the author of DWC. Ideally it should retrieve the current M557 values from the Duet and present those as the initial values.

    Meanwhile, if you always use the same values, then just put those values in the M557 command in config.g and don't use the "Define area for mesh compensation" feature of DWC. You can send M557 from the console to check what the current M557 parameters are.

  • Thanks!

    I just want to clarify that i have the following in my config.g:

    M557 X0:210 Y0:210 S20

    But it doesnt mater because it doesnt take those values in affection. It goes to the 180x180 value that's somewhere stored in the "Dwfine Area for Mesh Grid Comp..".

  • Hey @dc42

    Did you have any updates on the "Define Area for Mesh Grud Compensation"-save bug?

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    DWC 2.0.5 uses the values from its object model to set the values in the mesh edit dialog but those values aren't updated from RRF/DSF yet. That will be likely implemented in DWC 2.1.0.

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