Motors make noise in stealthchop, but not in spreadcycle

  • My motors are making a rattling sound when I'm using them in stealthchop mode. I have made 2 videos so you can hear it (it's louder in real life).

    Stealthchop (tpwmthrs 40 (187.5 mm/sec)):

    Spreadcycle (tpwmthrs 1000000 (0.0 mm/sec)):

    The gcode im running just moves my X axis left and right at speeds from 30-120mm/s in steps of 10 mm/s

    In the first video (stealthchop) the first pass (30mm/s) is really silent, the second pass(40mm/s) adds a bit of a rattling sound and the third pass(50mm/s) makes an really annoying rattling sound. at the higher speeds the sound is less again.

    When I set the motors to spreadcycle only (tpwmthrs 1000000 (0.0 mm/sec)) the rattling sound is gone.

    The motors I use are :

    Model No.: 17HS4401
    Step Angle: 1.8 deg.
    Motor Length: 40 mm
    Rated Current: 1.7 A
    Phase Resistance: 1.5 Ω
    Phase Inductance: 2.8 mH
    Holding Torque: 40
    Detent Torque: 2.2
    Inertia Of Rotor: 54 G. cm²
    Lead: 4

    Does someone know how I can fix this?

  • do you have 24v or 12v? for stealthchop2 you really want 24v

  • My power supply is 24V.

  • it could be that you are hitting a resonating frequency in stealthchop mode.

    things to try.
    nema Motor Vibration Damper. (either rubber or cork versions)
    different nema motors.

  • I have tried another type of stepper motor and it does the same thing. (ignore the sounds of the belt)

    Isn't there a way to change the frequentie in the software or something?
    I would like to stay away from dampers if it isnt really nessesary

  • stealthchop is doing autotune on the first move.

    then those values are stored in the chopper control registers. (C value of M569)

    i have not played around with those myself,

  • I still have the same problem so all help is still welcome!

  • @Veti
    I can't find anything about this on internet. Also I can't really see a C value in my M569 commant.
    this is what my M569 reports:
    M569 P0: Drive 0 runs in reverse, active low enable, step timing fast, mode stealthChop, ccr 0x00053, toff 3, tblank 0, hstart/hend/hdec 5/0/0, tpwmthrs 1000000 (0.0 mm/sec)

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