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    I wrote a macro to have a button on my LCD to do a bed mesh. To get the Z probe as close to the max X of my table I put an override in so the z probe is at the edge and the nozzle is past the edge. I also modified config.g M557 setting to have the extended max Z. This all works fine from my macro, but if I do a bed mesh from the dashboard, it truncates the last point. Is there a way to modify how the dashboard control calls executing a bed mesh command?



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    I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what you're trying to do or what you're asking.

    If you're calling G29 from the DWC, it will use whatever M557 command was last entered. So if you want it to use an M557 command different to what you have in config.g you'll have to send that first.

  • So, my printer build table is 330x330, the probe is on the left ( min ) side of the nozzle. I have defined the max to this size ( M208 X330 ). If I set M557 to be X0:350, G29 puts the probe at 0 ( seems the right thing to do ) when X position is set to 0, but the X stops when the nozzle hits 330 when trying to do the far side. So to get the probe to be as close to 330 as I can go ( can't quite reach it because of mechanical limitation ), I reset M208 X to allow the probe to reach the end of the bed. I reset M208 to be X330 when done with running the bed mesh.

    This is odd to me because I also have dual Z drivers and set up bed.g to auto level the lead screws. It uses,
    G30 P0 X0 Y165 Z-99999
    G30 P1 X320 Y165 Z-99999 S2

    this places the probe at X320 ( as close to the edge as I can go, the nozzle would be at X350 ). This seems to work even when M208 X330 is set.

    So G30 seems to override what's set by M208 and G29 does not.

    In my marco I temporarily redefine M208 X, but can not see how to do that when using the GUI control. I can run my macro from the gui which works fine, but there is also a way to run bed mesh from a pull down menu that I don't know how to change what it is doing. I looked at the manual for DWC but did not fine a way to customize that control.



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    Thank you for the more detailed explanation. I understand now.

    What firmware version are you using?

    @dc42 would have to explain how it would seem that M208 maxima is respected in one case, but not the other.

    I don't believe there is a way to customize the drop down option for G29 since it's just going to send G29 and use whatever current settings are applied for M557, M208, etc. Ie it's equivalent to sending G29 in the console. Do get customized behaviour you would have to do as you have already done and create a macro that sets things up as needed before calling G29.

  • I am using 2.04 for Duet WiFi and DWC.

    I have no issue with just using my macro. I was playing with various features of DWC when I noticed the pull down way to run the bed mesh and it did not work the same way.


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