Surprised by the quality

  • First of all, want to thank for this wonderful project. Just have received shipment from Makerdise. Maybe i'm used of dealing with chinese sellers, thats why i'm surprise about packing quality and especially contents. After i have placed order, i have bought all wires, connectors, housing for connectors and etc, just to be surprised that Duet3d have included all of that. Everything was packed very professionally. Not only in box and wraps, but also with additional paper to protect everything inside.

    I'm looking forward for upcoming week, when my Tevo Tarantula will become just My Tarantula 😉

    Thanks for this Duet3D.

  • @Tokeiito it's great isn't it, I got donated a used one (that turned out to be a clone after a bit of digging, which has since partly died) but bought a genuine one recently and its a piece of art compared to the ramps boards etc!

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