Recommended case?

  • Is there a great semi-ready case for a Duet? A good case has room for a power supply, ready punched grill for a fan or two, detachable panels for easy drilling... Any other features I should be looking for? I much rather use something that is as ready to go as possible for a custom system, as I need to build several systems.

    Thank you for your insight!

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    I'm not aware of anything off the shelf that would be suitable. There are many printable cases for the Duet itself though.

  • @JuKu If you want to put all electronics, controls, an emergency button, power supplies, SSRs, fuses and such in one case, you might consider some mini tower PC housing being useful. I’ve repurposed an Apple PoweMac G4 case for that, which has the additional benefit of the large service flap for easy access to the Duet/Duex and its connectors.

    Most parts won’t fit directly, but it is fun to print some suitable mounts to match with the given attachment points of the case. This makes the assembly of multiple units really easy.

    Due to the metal enclosure, you’ll need an external antenna if you go with the Duet WiFi - you can find several solutions in this forum.

    The only real drawback is with the cabling: if you don’t want to tie the case to the printer’s mechanics for all eternity, you must provide connectors, preferably at the slot brackets. Commissioning all the needed contacts and cables can be a major task.

  • Lots of cases on Thingiverse.

    And, if you put 110 (or 220 if outside US) 'mains' in the same case with low voltage, be sure there is an internal, insulated, divider between High and Low voltage sections.

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