Magnetic filament sensor "no data received"

  • Sorry if this has been discussed but I did some searching and didn't have time to keep digging.

    The lights all look correct, blinks a few times on power on, then flashes red/green when idle and rapidly blinks green when filament is moving. However, when I run a "M591 D0" I simply get the below, does not matter if the printer is printing or not. I'm assuming "no data received" is bad. Is there a limit to the wire length? I'd say I'm using close to 400mm of wire and could probably cut it down to 300mm but I want to make sure that's the issue. first.

    Duet3D magnetic filament monitor on input 3, disabled, sensitivity 24.80mm/rev, allow 70% to 130%, check every 3.0mm, no data received

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    400mm cable length should be no problem. Your M591 response says that it is connected to the E0 endstop. Is that correct? If so, there is probably a bad crimp connection in the signal wire. If your Duet has endstop LEDs, does the E0 LED flicker on sync with the LEDs on the filament monitor?

  • OK thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It was connected to E1, moved the cable to E0 now. Going to try again but I'm fairly certain that was it. And yes, the led on the board blinks along with the led on the sensor. Thanks again.

    EDIT: Just to confirm, everything works now. 👍

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