Duet connector kit

  • I have an Anycubic Kossel linear and I bought a duet wifi and I need to know if is a connector kit?
    I don't have a crimping tool (for the provided connectors). For a £144 product is a shame not to have something which can be connected easily.


  • administrators

    Sadly there is no standard for what connectors are used on 3D printer electronics. We don't use the 2.54mm Dupont connectors that are used on RAMPS and some other board, because they don't lock in place (so they can fall off) and they are not polarised (so it's too easy to connect them the wrong way round). The JST ZH connectors used on some Chinese boards are harder to crimp then the Molex KK style connectors that we use on Duets.

    If your Anycubic Kossel uses 2.54mm Dupont connectors, then the stepper motor, fan and thermistor connectors may fix the Duet already (but be sure to connect the fans the right way round). The endstop connectors will need to be changed.

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