Replacing Infant Mortality TMC2660

  • Good Evening,

    Of course my TMC2660-PA is going to die shortly after the warranty expires and I have yet to turn it on. I received the dreaded Short to Ground error for one driver, without anything connected, so I'm assuming the driver has bit the dust. I removed the driver like I would any QFP44, but is there anything else I should replace while I have the qfp44 out? Hopefully the new chips arrive shortly so I can finish assembling this project before Christmas 🙂

    Thanks in advance for any tips or advise!

  • administrators

    I'm glad you managed to remove the driver chip. No, there is nothing else to replace.

    BTW if a driver not only reports short to ground but also reports other status bits such as over temperature error, even before you issue the first movement command, then it may not indicate a blown driver, it may just mean a bad connection on the SPI data out pin.

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