Select last used tool?

  • Is there a way to auto select the last used (selected) tool before a reboot?

  • Manually, sure.

    Enter T with no numbers and the duet will report what tool it thinks is "current" (if that's what you mean by "last used").

    Automatically? No way that I know

  • I just want last used tool to be selected and active when I power up the printer.

    I think I can do it by using M30 and M29 commands delete/write a lasttool.g on the Sd card in each tpost.g file and running the file from config.g with M98 P”lasttool.g” but I was wondering if there is a more elegant or simple solution

  • Hmmm... I actually thought it remembered this itself. Because this has caused me some problems on a toolchanging printer where I've yanked power to stop it from harming itself, and I thought I'd seen it assume it had the tool after I powered back up.

    But... I could be wrong!! It could be the problem is it is NOT persisting this.

    Let me do a couple of tests later today.

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