Gnarly Banding

  • Anyone have any ideas on what the issue(s) might be with my delta? I have four printers here, two deltas and two TF5's. Neither of the FT5's show this issue (after years of upgrades) and neither does the large delta that I built from scratch.

    This print is off the first delta I built a few years ago (FT kit with upgrades) and I've never been able to get it to perform as good as the others. I'm wondering if it's thermal in some way since it seems to get worse in the winter, or if it's just some mechanical problem. I've never understood why it does the helical pattern either.


  • Hi,

    My first three printers were mini-deltas with many upgrades.

    Then I got an FT-5.

    It worked so much better, despite all the effort I put into the deltas, that I scrapped the deltas for parts.

    No regrets.


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