SD Card in paneldue don't work anymore after firmware update

  • I have just updated the firmware to the latest version for both duet wifi and also for paneldue, 7 " version. and all is ok, my problem is the paneldue SD card, it does not work anymore.
    First of all, it does not mounted by default at startup, and when I try to mount it, selecting the card from the interface, it remain permanently in "mounting".
    Before this firmware update, all worked well.
    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Are you able to view the files on the PanelDue SD card from the web interface?

  • I've got kind of the same issue, the SD card in PanelDue doesn't mount on startup and when I do mount it via the web interface, it gets stuck in "mounting". I can get around it by clicking refresh in my browser but I can't find any combination of buttons to view the flash card until I fresh the page. Once done it actually works fine but considering that this card is intended to be removed and inserted fairly often (or at least that's what I plan on using it for as uploading a big gcode file via the web interface is just a tad slow), it's a fair bit of hastle.


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    I'll re-test it in firmware 1.18.1.

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