Can I connect a keypad to Duet 2 using the sx1509 module?

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    I need more hotkeys on Duet2 board.
    I found out that I can use the sx1509 module.
    What should I do?

  • ?

    Looks to be an i2c expansion ref

    No idea if you can handle the received data in g-code or custom firmware development will be needed. I'd opt for an arduino like board with uart or wifi between the duet and the keypad in the latter case to avoid being dependent on maintaining the reprap firmware.

  • What's your goal? A "control pad" with buttons like home, jog, etc?

    Probably the best way to do that is, as mentioned above, a button pad to an arduino (or ESP8266 or ESP32; they've actually become cheaper than arduino boards, and the ESP32 has the advantage of having two UARTs) and connecting to the same port where a PanelDUE connects.

    Then a very simple sketch that say "Button x pressed, send G28", button "jog up pressed, send G91 G1 Y100 G90", etc, etc.

    If you DON'T have a PanelDue that's really it... if you DO, then two uarts and "pass through" would be the best approach. Just a tiny bit more code in the sketch.

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