XYZ Test Cube Print Artifacts - help!

  • Hi,

    I've finally have coerced my mostly homebrew highly hacked AnyCubic Kossel Linear Plus printer to print.

    However, it exhibits a couple of anomalies that I have been unable to discover their cause. I suspect that that these are things that others have already diagnosed and resolved and perhaps might care to share their fix.

    Electronics & FW

    DUET-EtherNet: V1.02
    FW: V2.03 (2019-06-13b2)
    Web Interface: V1.21


    SmartEffector + E3D-V6 HotEnd & Hayden Rods & MagBalls
    BondTech BMG + .9° stepper
    Aluminum HeatBed
    12Vdc 350W Switching PowerSupply
    Original AKLP HiWin Linear Slides, Steppers, Belts & 2020 profiles

    config.g File: .

    The following are photos of the artifacts, starting with the Y side, turned over to next side, then top or Z side and finally bottom.

    I appreciate any help or suggestions given.. Thanks in advance,


    Y Sides

    X Sides

    Side 3

    Side 4

    Z or Top Side

    Bottom Side

  • my first thought would be inadequate cooling or one sided cooling.

    second your bowden tube is very long (have you looked at flying extruders?)

    third. you have artefacts where retraction is happening. this could point to wrong retraction settings.
    try printing this.

    can you print the cube without pressure advance? to compare.

  • @Veti,

    Thank you for your cogent reply. I printed two of the spike 'retraction test' objects using Silver PLA (first layer 215°C and remaining 210°C), by PrintedSolid 'Daily PLA'. One test object with pressure advance and the second object with PA disabled. There was a significant difference between the two test articles' quality. The object with Pressure Advance is on the left while without, on the right side of photos. For the first print, I also lowered the bed temperature 5°C

    Pres Adv Lft, No PA Rt.jpg

    I am of the opinion that there is some mechanical issue that needs rectification, but I'm not too certain what it is.

    One of the things I changed for the 2nd test print, I moved the control cable which was attached to one of the 'Z' diagonal rods, to the top of the Bowden cable about four inches above the SmartEffector entrance to the E3D-V6. It was snagging once in awhile on the spiral-flex cable sheath.

    Re; the cooling matter, I've been using a printed half circular fan duct (far right) at:

    The problem with that duct, is that the airstream seems to be directed at the heat-block rather than near the nozel. I've been considering printing a 'tusk' style cooling arrangement, but I need to cause the printer to print better first as 'nut' and hole outlines are frequently malformed. Then there is the matter of the Bowden tube length. I shortened it significantly from the original length as shipped by AnyCubic, about half the length. And since I've added the BondTech BMG extruder, well, I am very pleased with its operation, quality of build and operation. It feels great! The only problem with it: I can not disengage the filament by pulling outward on the lever, but sending 'Motor E0 Off', is a simple workaround.

    I also have a mechanic problem with my top of belt pulleys, they don't line up with the toothed motor pulley at the bottom, as the sliders stick out too far in conjuction with the top replacement metal vertex corners I bought. There may be a hidden problem in that, but I don't know what it might be, as all three corners are fabricated the same, but I don't see an artifact on all corners?

    Re; the flying extruder idea, got any suggestions? I really like the BondTech BMG and I did get the smaller motor for it.

    Thanks and I appreciate your help.


  • this looks to me that the pa needs more tuning. but pa with a long bowden tube can be problematic

    @3mm said in XYZ Test Cube Print Artifacts - help!:

    Re; the flying extruder idea, got any suggestions? I really like the BondTech BMG and I did get the smaller motor for it.

    i am using this
    with the original motor using some elastic bands i had around.
    for attachment i used the ones from this

    here is an alternative for the bmg

    for the top. see if this first with the metal corners

  • Can you post photos of the extruder + printer.

  • me or him?