Detecting the spaghetti monster

  • Had a nice morning... 😠

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    Quite a bit of damage. Glass plate was pulled from the clamps, thrown out, and shattered on the floor, BLTouch snapped in two right below the mounting flange, silicone sock is shredded, heatbreak seems bent a little too.

    I think it was operator error; new brand/type of filament (FormFutura EasyFIL PLA), assuming it was just PLA and therefore failed to calibrate extrusion, started a print with 8 100% fill bottom layers, watched the first 2 layers which went well, and went to bed. Probably slight overextrusion built up to the point where the nozzle or fan shroud catched it.

    Are there methods to detect this kind of failure somehow? I can only think of a camera with computer vision, which isn't trivial.

  • Hi,

    found this some time ago, but i've never tried it.

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