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  • Hi!

    I'm preparing a setup for um2 users, and I would like to make a macro system to emulate the manual caubration of the z, since um2 doesn't has a probe and the z is at the bottom of the machine.

    The basic idea to make this without changing the webserver, is to make a range of macros for each step so the user can use them and simulate a manual calibration, but to make things easier I will like to send a feedback to the users.

    So, is there a way to send a Text to the webserver when a macr has end or at the start with a pause? I think I did read all the gcodes available but didn't found one to send txt to the webserver/paneldue. It would make things much easier, but ofc I can do this with just a Beep feedback or a Led change.

    So, masters of duet3d, is this possible since there are no Pauses when using linked macros?

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    See and There is currently no pause facility other than M226. I am not sure whether that one will work in a macro, and if it does it will run pause.g so it is probably not what you want.

  • Ahh ofc M117. That should work! With a series txt and some nice order it might just work. Thanks! Will start macro in it.

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