Swapped over to new delta chassis: Drivers 5 6 Short-to-ground?

  • Duet Wifi with 2.04 (2019-11-01b1)

    Web control giving this stream of errors:

    Error: short-to-ground reported by driver(s) 5 6
    Error: over temperature shutdown reported by driver(s) 5 6

    Im upgrading my DIY Rostock Max (15v PSU)into a Anycubic Predator (24v) chassis. Everything was working before. If i disconnect Duex-2 daughter boards ribbon cable the errors go away?

    With the Duex disconnected, I can drive my extruders just fine from those drivers??

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    I just had exactly the same issue with a Duet+DueX5 (all 5 drivers on the DueX5 reporting S2G). On inspection, the ribbon cable didn't look very well assembled because from the side I could see the metal contacts of the IDC connector in a gap between the cable and the connector body. I used a vice with rubber jaws to re-clamp the connectors at both ends, and that fixed it.

    The signals carried by the ribbon cable include the SPI data from the drivers to the main processor. If the SPI receive data line isn't connected, all drivers on the DueX report S2G and over temperature, and open load too if you try to move the motors.

  • Thanks for the tip, but I'll admit my stupidity.. when I moved them to the new chassis I connected up the new PSU in the Anycubic Predator. I um.. forgot to also connect power to the Duex-2 !

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    @Kodachrome So it's working now? Mark as solved?


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