z=0 inconsistent

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    I have a ender 3 pro with a bl-touch on the duet maestro. as stated in the subject my z=0 does not seem to be setting or is some how changing. i removed the springs form the bed and have it hard mounted. I leveled the bed using mesh bed compinsation and adjusting the hard set level. I am honestly not sure if it is pulling the saved height map or not but every time i set my z 0 and reset z offset if i home and check my z 0 it is not where i set it at. any ideas on what could be causing this?

    thank you

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    Please post your config and homing files. And your slicer start gcode. Describe the order of operations you're using.

    I have the springs still installed on my ender3 pro with a BLTouch and haven't noticed any issues from them being too springy. Though I did have to remove the Z endstop as the bed was cupped and the nozzle wasn't able to lower far enough in the center to touch the bed unless I raised the entire bed with the leveling screws which made them a little loose.

  • I think i might have worked it out at this time. i paper tuned the z=0 at all 4 level screws and checked my center z=0 to find that my bed has developed a big dip in the center. I have placed the G29 s1 code in my slicers starting code and it seems to be making the necessary adjustments.

    thank you for the quick reply

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    @kmhudgins said in z=0 inconsistent:

    my bed has developed a big dip in the center

    Yes I think that's quite common for the creality aluminum beds.

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