Purge after tool select

  • Making progress on my tool changer, so the next thing I need to fix is to get the purge to work. Here is what I have working so far.

    • Home X, Y, Z, & U. U is my tool lock actuator
    • T0 is picked up successfully from its dock and waits for temperatures to be reached.
    • Tool head moves to purge location (still in standby mode)

    This is where it stops. It should then purge the extruder and start printing but it gives me the "Attempting to extrude without a tool selected" error.
    I notice that at the beginning of the print in the DWC that the tool is set to Standby right off the bat instead of Active and I think that is what is causing the problem. Once I get the error though the tool goes active and pauses for about 30-60 seconds before it starts printing but it never does the purge.

    Here is my Tpre0.g and start gcode in S3D

    G0 X58 Y278 F25000 ; Rapid to the approach position without any current tool.
    G1 Y357 F2000 ; Controlled move to the pickup position with tool-0.
    G4 P500
    M98 P"/macros/TOOL_CHANGE/Tool_Lock.g" ; Lock the tool
    G4 P500
    G1 Y278 F6000 ; Retract the entire tool.
    G1 X1 Y1 F6000 ; Move Head to front left
    G4 P500
    G1 E20 F500 ; Purge extruder
    G60 S2 ; Save this position as the reference point from which to later apply new tool offsets.

    S3D start gcode
    G28 ; home XY axes
    M561 ; Clear any bed transform that might be in place
    M375 ; Load height map

    Anyone spot where it is going wrong?

  • Sorry guys, I completely forgot about the Tpost0.g file. I moved my purge command to that location and now all works correctly.

  • Move the purge commands to Tpost0.g.

    During pre, the tool is not actually selected; during post, it is.

    Here are the 0 files for a Jubilee. The other files are exactly the same, except for the X coordinate.

    tpre0.g tpost0.g tfree0.g

  • Ha! our comments "crossed in the night". Good that it is working.

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