Minor DWC issue with 3.0RC1

  • Got my old Folgertech I3-2020 with Duet Maestro printing with 3.0RC1 and see a minor issue in DWC 2.04. I've created a fan that I use to control case lighting. It shows up in both the Dashboard and Status pages of the DWC but only the control in the Status page does anything. In the Status page I can completely control the lighting but the Fan controls at the bottom of the Dashboard shows a Case Lights slider but it doesn't do anything. The tool fan control on the dashboard works OK.

    I've configured the lights as :
    M950 F2 C"fan2" ; Create fan 2 on pin fan2
    M106 P2 S0 H-1 C"Case Lights" ; Set fan 2 - used as case lighting

    Since it works using the status page and with a M106 I assume I did this right and the issue is with the DWC.

    Bug or me?

  • I actually meant to report the same thing with Duet 2 Ethernet 1.02, RTOS 2.4 and DWC 2.04

  • I believe this is a known bug. See post

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