Screen firmware issues if not matched to the controller?

  • I just updated my DuetWifi from 1.18 (I think) up to 2.05, and noticed that some gcode files are not showing up on the list when I tap the SD card icon on the PanelDue.
    I can access the printer through the web interface and print the files, but I'm not seeing them on the PanelDue.

    I don't see anything in the release notes for the screen that hints at this, but I may well be missing something.
    My only reason that it's not updated is that I would need to disconnect it from the printer and get my PC to talk nicely to the screen for the update, and I didn't see anything that seemed to be necessary on the notes.

    Any suggestions or information would be welcome.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    This may be the case. Seeing as you were on 1.18 which is quite old I would imagine they panel due is quite out of date too. I don't recall this being the case but updating the firmware would be my first trouble shooting step.

  • There were some bugs that I barely remember about buffers vs lots of files. Not sure if I remember whether the core bug was firmware, DWC, or Panel. Anyway, there were definitely problems that caused some files not to show when there were a lot of files. A year or so ago.

    I'd update EVERYTHING to latest release (stable), and I'm pretty sure this will go away.

  • Thanks for the input.
    I went ahead and dug up the information on updating from this firmware, and it fixed the issue I was having with this PanelDue.

    Once I saw that it'd added some nice features, I pulled out my spare PanelDue that is intended for a printer that's still sitting in pieces, and updated it as well.
    The spare DuetWifi that goes with it wasn't so easily updated, and is now forcing me to test my Bossa/SAM-BA skills...

  • @Hey_Allen said in Screen firmware issues if not matched to the controller?:

    is now forcing me to test my Bossa/SAM-BA skills...

    Merry Christmas!

  • @Danal Merry Christmas to you as well!

    Thanks for the tip again, the boards are all back online, running 2.05, the web servers all up to date, and the displays also.
    One good thing that came out of this, and the newer firmware on the controllers, is that my printers now stay on the IP address that I assigned them to, instead of ignoring the config.g specified IP address like they did under the older firmware.

    Now I just need to get the other printers assembled and using the boards. Two spare boards is a bit of an embarrassment!

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