Remap fan from P0 to P1.

  • Hi, i have fried fan0 on my duet wifi. How can i remap fan 1 to work with the normal g-code M106 S100 instead of having to specify M106 P1 S100?

    I have done it in my slicer and replaced the g-code from M106 S100 to M106 P1 S100. But I do not want to have to do that all the time. I figured perhaps i can change it in the config.g file so it's always fixed.

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    Two options:

    1. Use the F option of the M563 command; or:
    2. Use RepRapFirmware 3, which allows you to map any fan number to any port.

  • I don't know what slicer you use but Cura allows you to specify which print fan to use on a per-extruder basis so it is trivial to change the fan from 0 to 1. If you are interested its done on the extruder tab of the printer settings dialog.

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