Any chance to use a 400ppr optical encoder

  • Hello,

    Before I start to design a box for this optical encoder, I wanted to know if it has any chance to work with my duet 2 as a filament motion detector!
    It have to be powered in 5v, maybe by the one from the 50 pin expansion. But I don't know if the 400ppr will be understand as signal is at 0.5v, does it work ?
    Link to this encoder :

    Thanks !

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    You could use either the A or B output of that encoder and configure RRF for a pulse-generating filament monitor in M591.

    Even better would be to connect it to an attiny or similar microcontroller to do quadrature decoding, and send position information just as our magnetic filament monitor does. The advantage would be that it would provide direction information as well as the amount of movement.

  • Thanks David for your quick and usefull reply !
    I will do the basic, my skills are more limited in programming than I would do !
    Thanks !

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