G-code files list constantly resets

  • When trying to scroll through my list of g-code files, it resets back to the top of the list too quickly to highlight the file I want. Could be simple thing I'm unaware of, but it doesn't do it on my other Duet. Frustrating though not disaster. Duet 2 WiFi

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    What firmware and DWC versions are you using on that Duet?

    There is an item in DWC User Interface settings that you may need to un-check. It's called something like "Always show top panel". On some browser and OS combinations it causes the page to jump back to the top periodically.

  • Thanks, David - that was it! I figured it was something simple but didn't have a clue where to look to fix it.
    Duet 1.02 and FW 2.0

  • @1d1 said in G-code files list constantly resets:

    FW 2.0

    Sounds like it may be time for a firmware and DWC update as it is.

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