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    Sorry I was away for a bit and getting things settled with a new job. I'm running the V2.05 firmware on the duetwifi and slicing with Simplify3D V4.1.2. I still haven't quite figured out what's going wrong with the job status by filament usage, and the 'used' filament ends up in the negative much of the time. Here's a screen shot of the web interface:

    And here is the gcode file that was used:

    If I can provide any more details that would help, please let me know. Thanks for the help @dc42

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    A negative filament usage is fairly odd. Although I don't believe it will have a big effect, I suggest you check your S3D settings for "Allow zeroing of extruder drives via G92" and disable it if it's checked.

    I'll have a look at the G-code file.

  • Thanks, I unchecked it just now but I've definitely tried that before and it didn't seem to change things. I can provide my fff file if that would help.

  • Still having this issue and I can't seem to find a resolution anywhere, any thoughts anyone?

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