IDEX - x and u on separate z leveling bed mesh

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    I'm new and have been searching for controller that would best support IDEX. it looks like duet wifi is very actively working on it. I have a question. I'm designing a parallel x arms for separate X and U carriage. I need a way to account for the fact that there will be error on the arms installation in that they will not be perfectly parallel. one arm might have slightly more inclined toward the end than the other arm. So I figured if I can apply separate bed mesh, it should solve my issue. Does anyone know If I can do this? thx

    At the moment I have only one X arm working and printing beautifully powered by Replicape. But I want IDEX and I maxed out the stepper driver on that board already. So I'm looking at different board, one that would hopefully support what I wanted to do here. Thx!

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    The Duet can support multiple Z probes and let you switch between them, so although I am not aware of anyone having used an IDEX system with separate X axes and probes, it is possible in principle.

    You could connect one Z probe to the E1 endstop connector (E0 is not free on an IDEX machine) and the other to the Z probe connector, and use probe types 5 and 6 in the M558 command to select which one. Or you could connect both to the Z probe connector and use an analog multiplexer IC to switch between their outputs, controlled by the MOD pin on the endstop connector, and use probe types 1 and 3 in the M558 command.

    You would probe with one head/probe and save the height map for that. Then with the other. The G29 command on the Duet allows you to specify the name of the height map file, so you can use a different filename for each head. Then in the tool change macro files you would load the height map file for the head you are switching in.

    Bear in mind that if you want to do ditto printing (print 2 copies of an object simultaneously), then you need to match the nozzle heights accurately.

    HTH David

  • yeah I don't intent to do simultaneous printing. I'm mostly interested in the PLA - PVA combination and I believe IDEX is the way to go. I may actually commit to duet 🙂 thx

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