Duet 3 Multiple Z axis end switches.

  • How can I allocate end switches to the three Z axis steppers on a Duet 3.

    I've read the one for dual Z limits on doczuki and the Duet 2 but that does some wierd stuff with U - where does that come from - I detested algebra for the same reason - I don't like things just popping in from nowhere as if you're supposed to just accept it without question.

    How do you stop / get multiple Z axis leadscrews in synch - Prusa's method is somewhat coarse - they just drive the X axis into the top of the frame and use stall current. I can't do that on a coreXY as there's a hot end in the way besides I don't see how it can be that accurate even if I have got away with it for 2 years.

  • Sure am, I've built a bunch of my config files based upon it. What I don't see is how to 'synchronise' them to begin with - an initialisation routine that should get the bed 99.999% level subject to my build skills. The axis leadscrews can't make massive changes but a subtle one or to steps can make quite a difference over a 310mm build area.

    So I want to zero them out, to initialise basically and clear out any previous dynamic levelling when I power up.

    It was actually that entry that took me to the "Independent Z motors and endstop switches" entry - which caused the confusion muscle to twitch.

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    @Garfield said in Duet 3 Multiple Z axis end switches.:

    How can I allocate end switches to the three Z axis steppers on a Duet 3.

    From https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/RepRapFirmware_3_overview#Section_M574:

    New parameter P gives the pin name(s) for the endstop(s) for the specified axis. If the number of pins matches the number of motors assigned to that axis, motors will be stopped individually when their endstop switches trigger.

  • That's the bit I was missing - happy days - a whole lot easier than it used to be.


    The learning curve is a steep one master .... I take it that I substitute "zstop" for something like "io3.in"

    would I have three M574 commands

    M574 Z1 S1 P"io.in3"
    M574 Z2 S1 P"io.in4"
    M574 Z3 S1 P"io.in5"

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