Creating a bed file for Cartesian Style Printer

  • With the new updates, using bed probing file instead of:
    ; Bed probe section (not needed if you us a bed.g file

    M557 X40:270 Y40:270 S20

    If I want to setup a Bed.g file would it be just:
    ; Auto calibration routine for My Printer
    ; Before running this, you should have set up your zprobe Z offset to suit your build, in the G31 command in config.g.

    M561 ; clear any bed transform, otherwise homing may be at the wrong height
    G28 ; home the printer

  • that's exactly what I did so that I can just hit the button on the web control rather than using the dropdown, you could of course add the M557 into bed.g and remove from config.g for convenience as well.

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