PanelDue and WorkBee Controler

  • Hi dc42,
    I would like to add a 5” PanelDue to my workbee system.
    Do you know if there any plans to incorporate the WorkBee Control to the PanelDue 5"
    (for stand alone mode)?
    Or is there a procedure to add, and to customize buttons using github PanelDue SW?

    If so any timelines available yet? / Details on how this could be done?
    I think it would be a great feature for anyone using the Duet 2 and Workbee Control SW.
    Thanks in advance for any comments.

  • @T49 said in PanelDue and WorkBee Controler:

    WorkBee Control

    If I understand correctly WorkBee Control is an extension or alternative to Duet Web Control? Its non-trivial to make changes to the PanelDue code if the code itself is not enough documentation. And if my understand is correct it would be far less effort to move to a Duet3 and run WorkBee Control on a touch screen connected to a Raspberry Pi (or wait for Raspberry Pi support to come to the Duet2 range in due time)

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