RRF3, Error: "Push(): stack overflow" on Maestro

  • If a Macro including "M291 S3" is started over the 12864 LCD menu system that can cause an error.
    Be aware: Reset the system in case you get the error. Elsewhere you can get in trouble with a non deploying Bltouch in homing moves.
    That gave me a nice crash into the bed today....

    The error only appears if the macro is called over the LCD menu. If called over DWC everything works well...

    Full description:
    To start the macro you have to push the button several times.
    The macro then will start without prompting for confirmation. The Gcode gets stuck when a sub macro is called.
    To clarify: The call of the macro is not hard coded in the menu system.
    It's selected from the macro folder.

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    I will try to reproduce this tomorrow.

  • @dc42
    Hi David, could you please take a look here again?

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