bad head crash

  • Last night, I had a bad head crash because of a failed print (tried a few times)... And today went to try again to investigate, and found this head crash killed my it height sensor. Powers on but led doesn't light up any more. Not the best (little experience) with a soldering iron, and not sure if I would make it worse.


  • Q1 is broken loose? Yah, that would take a fine tip, and/or an air reflow. I'd be confident doing it, but I'm not sure how to advise someone who does not have hundreds of thousands of construct solder joints plus thousands of repairs...

    Having said all of that, there's only one way to learn!

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    Ouch! It looks like the IR receiver has come adrift at one end, at 'Q1'. Though there are solder pads for a capacitor at C1, mine doesn't have one there, so I think it's not needed. If the only other option is to replace it, I'd have a go at soldering it back on. How can you make it worse?!


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