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  • Hi guys I'm working on a custom build and am exited to use a duet board. First off I have little experience with these electronics but what better way to learn. I am planing on using 2 stepper motors to control my Z-axis and I want to use 2 for my X-axis too (large print volume printer). I know there are ports for the 2 z motors but for the X axis could I use 2 stepper drivers the original X port and the E0 port and configure them in a way to be in sync?

  • Short answer: Yes.

    Which duet board are you planning to use?

  • I plan on using duet 2 wifi board

  • Yes. And on the Duet2, there are two physical Z plugs on one driver, in series. You can run this way, or you can choose to run each Z on a separate driver.

    X could also run in series (with an off-board series wiring harness) or on separate drivers.

    Pro for series: Saves drivers for other uses.
    Con for series: Splits current between motors, and requires manual alignment.

    Pro for separate: Full driver current to each motor and can auto-align if set up with separate homing switches and configured correctly.
    Con for separate: Uses lots-o-drivers. You can easily run out. In fact, I believe there are not enough on a D 2 for separate X and Z and all the other drivers you need. You'd need an expansion, or a Duet 3.

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    To use both dual X and dual Z motors, as Duet 2 has only 5 stepper drivers (unless you add expansion), you will need to connect one pair of motors in series or parallel to one driver. The two Z outputs provided are connected in series.

    Two motors connected to one driver will occasionally get out of sync by 4 full steps when you power the machine down and up again.

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