Microbit read temp data from Duet

  • Hello,

    I need your help and ideas.

    I have a BBC microbit controller with an array of neopixels. I want to be able to change the color of the leds according to the temp of the nozzle.
    How can I get the temp measures from the duet to the microbit ?

  • Several ways. The Paneldue port is 3.3v TTL serial. You can poll via the network. Details of this depend a little on which duet. f

    Duet 2? Duet 2 running RRF3? Duet 3?

  • @Danal I have a Duet 2 wifi with a paneldue screen connected.

  • Paneldue will be polling for temperatures. You could use a 3.3v arduino, or ESP32 or ESP8266 to passively listen to the data on the Duet TX -> Panel RX line, and extract the temp (and/or other status). Then update the NeoPixels as you see fit via a library.

    Very simple scripting.

  • @Danal Do I have to connect the arduino via usb to duet or I can do it via http ?

  • @gbiski Have a look at BLV With Neopixel displays](https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3382718) it has already been done. (Wish it could be ported to run on a Pi4 connected to Duet3 tho but I don't have those skills.


  • @gbiski said in Microbit read temp data from Duet:

    @Danal Do I have to connect the arduino via usb to duet or I can do it via http ?

    I was suggesting tapping into the cable to the Panel. Literally a "Y" in the wire from Duet TX to Panel RX. The Y would go to the incremental new controller's RX. A script would look at the incoming data... the Panel asks for temperatures every 1/2 second or so. The new controller could read the responses to that, parse out the temperatures, and do anything you want with the NeoPixels.

    USB is not an option from any of the imbedded controllers I mentioned because they cannot be a host.

    HTTP is an option... but... that is moving to Websockets with Duet 3. Depends on how much you want to tie to D2 or be able to move to D3. If you are D2 only, there are lots of things to adapt. If you want an HTTP based ESP8266 option that already connects, reads status and temps, etc, that you could adapt to also drive NeoPixels, here is one choice: https://github.com/DanalEstes/DuetMonitor

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