atx power - on/off and layer statistics

    1. sometimes the atx power on/off is displayed and i can switch the 12v/24v psu on and off using an android touch screen.

    sometimes the atx power on/off is not displayed and i can not switch the 12v/24v psu on and off using an android touch screen (sending m80 from an attached pc works fine).

    what can i do to alwasy dispay the atx power - on/off box?

    1. while printing: in the status display the total number of layers is always displayed as 249 (regardless of the model) while the number of the current layer and the percentage of completion is correctly. displayed.

  • @spllg

    1. If you put an M80 command in your config.g does the ATX control show up? On my machine it will only appear in the interface after the power supply has been turned on once by manually entering M80.

    2. Do you have a move command at the end of your print to move to a fixed position that coincides with layer 249? If you put a comment starting with the letter "E" after that move like this:

    G1 Z50   ;E

    The Duet will not add that Z value to the height of the object and you should see the height of the last printing layer instead.

  • @SteveYYC

    1. inserted m80 into config.g and i did not (yet) observe the absence of the atx control box. having an eye on it.

    2. i had 'G1 X0 Y0 Z75 f1000' at the end of my print file. added ';e' and now the correct total number of layers is displayed.

    thanks for your help.

  • @SteveYYC adding ;e to the g1-line has answered my question #1. thanks again.

  • @spllg I'm glad it worked.

    Hopefully someone can solve your ATX control question.

    I'd also like to see that answer because I find my solution (adding M80 to config.g) inelegant. And sometimes want to start my machine with the power supply off but still have the control available on the screen.

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