Duetwifi seems to lose wifi info to connect

  • I have to do the getting connected routine every time I turn the duetwifi off for the day. The next day when I turn it on, it will not connect to my network and I have it enabled in the config.g file. It just does not seem to remember the ssid or password to get on. If it's just a quick reboot to save settings and start using them, it works. But leave it turned off, it doesn't.

  • Is anything wifi near it?

  • Just my smart phone that is on me and the wifi router that is in the room.

  • administrators

    Sounds like the WiFi module may be faulty.

  • I'm going to try turning the wifi on my phone off before I attempt to connect to it today.
    If it is faulty, would I be able to just purchase the wifi module to replace on my board?

  • administrators

    If the WiFi module is faulty then IMO you are entitled to have it replaced free of charge. Which country are you in?

  • USA. This morning I turned off wifi on my phone before turning on my hypercube and it connected no issue this time. Just wondering why my phone would be more attractive to the Duetwifi than my router?

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    Was your phone setup as an access point that the DuetWifi was configured to use? Or was your phone just connected to the same WiFi network as your duet?

  • I used my phone for initial set up of the wifi network on the Duetwifi to tell it what the ssid and password for my router was. After that, I used Pronterface via usb to enable the network in the firmware. Then disconnected the usb and connected to the Duetwifi via the web interface. It all worked fine. Then I turned it off when I was done for the night and the next morning, I had to go through the whole process again. This morning, I went in there with my phones wifi turned off and the Duetwifi hooked up to the router when it was turned on.

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    Ok, that is exactly how I do it on my WiFi board when I need to hook it up to a new network and it does not interfere with the phone once the WiFi is on the proper network.

    If you don't mind please test to see if it's repeatable with the phone on. If it is then either there is something weird with your WiFi network, or there is an issue with the DuetWifi. Because it works with you phone switched off I wonder if it could be something off with your router. If it is a repeatable problem then try assigning the DuetWifi a IP address reservation on your WiFi router.

  • OK. I will try it again with my phones wifi on tomorrow. My printer is busy right now.

  • It connected just fine to my router with my phones wifi turned on

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    ok, so this looks like a unexplainable temporary issue - please update if it re-occurs. If it does it might also be worth looking to see if any other wifi emitters or interference sources could be active at the same time (e.g. a microwave oven)

  • administrators

    I hope to release a beta of firmware 1.19 within a few days, with new WiFi firmware. Please try it when I release it.

  • Still working fine. What a weird glitch.

  • Now my wifi module has quit completely. I had to connect a usb cable to be able to print anything today. When is the ethernet module going to be released for sale? I would rather switch to a wired connection. It would be more reliable.

  • So. Today it is working.

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