Unable to connect to Duet Web Control

  • I'm new to Duet so apologies in advance if I'm overlooking something simple.
    I've installed DuetPi with gui with wifi enabled on a Duet 3. I can log in with VNC viewer, I can also ssh in with putty. I've done the sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. When I goto which is Duet Web Control I get "This site can’t be reached refused to connect."
    I have also entered these commands ,sudo systemctl start duetcontrolserver, sudo systemctl enable duetcontrolserver and sudo systemctl start duetwebserver with no errors but still cannot log into Duet Web Control. When I go in via VNC I get what I think is Duet web control ( the program doesn't say). It has machine control, current job etc. I'm using chrome and octoprint works on my other machine. Also I don't have the Duet 3 actually in a printer, it's on my workbench with a pi 3B+ and a panel due 5i connected and that's all. Can you help me figure this out,thanks.

  • ähm you must use the external ip from your raspi and not the localhost ip

  • Wow it was simple, works perfectly, thank you.

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