Problem Uploading Gcode files to Duet Web Control

  • Hello,

    Changed my system now to DuetPi. All ist Working but i cannot upload Gcode Files to the Web Interface.

    Get this error:

    Failed to get file info for SmartTemperatureTower_PETG_220-265.gcode
    Operation failed (Reason: Command GetFileInfo has reported an error:
    [CodeParserException] Duplicate S parameter)

    Board: Duet 3 MB6HC (MB6HC)
    DSF Version:
    Firmware: RepRapFirmware for Duet 3 MB6HC v0.6 or 1.0 3.0 (2020-01-03b3)

    Can someone help me ?


  • administrators

    Hi Dominik,

    It looks like there is an error somewhere in your GCode file that prevents the file from running correctly. Check if the first lines do not contain a duplicate 'S' parameter.

    In the next version I'll change DSF to better display where code parsing errors occur.

  • Hi Chrishamm,

    thanks a lot for reply. I'm a little bit Confused because when I take the Duet 3 Solo without Pi, the same Gcode file can be Upload without Problems. I created the File with s3d and Cura. Same problems.

    Kind regards


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    Hi Dominik,

    Please share your G-code file. I can upload files that contain duplicate code parameters without problems on my setup. The error message you get is related to the parsing of the file and not to the upload itself.

  • @chrishamm
    I will share you the File tomorrow evening. I'm at the moment on a Buisness Trip.

    It is very confusing that i can Upload the File to the Standalone Duet 3 but not on the DuetPi Version.

    Installed in this Case the Pi now 3 Times new to rule out Installation Problems.
    We will see when u get the GCode file.

    Thank you very much for the help.

  • a.gcode

    Here it is. I hope u see somthing. Created with S3D

    Kind Regards


  • administrators

    @Dominik1982 Your file uploads nicely but there is a bad G-code in your ending G-code:

    M104 S0 S1; Hotends aus

    replace that with

    M104 S0 ; Hotends aus

    and the error message should disappear. Also I recommend you turn off the option "Allow zeroing of extruder drives" (allowEaxisZeroing) because it isn't needed for RepRapFirmware.

  • @chrishamm said in Problem Uploading Gcode files to Duet Web Control:

    M104 S0 S1; Hotends aus



    Thank you so much! damn Endscript. I add only 1 Hotend Extruder atm. The Script is from my old board there was 2 Hotends... Sorry for my dumpness.

    But why runs the Gcode on the Duet3 in Solo mode and with DuetPi i gives the Failure ?

    Thanks Alot for you incredible Help!

  • administrators

    You're welcome! RepRapFirmware only looks for certain details when it parses file information (for example filament usage or object height) whereas DSF (DuetPi) fully parses G/M/T-codes. Duplicate parameters are not supported, hence the error message. Soon DSF will be changed to output the line number when parsing errors occur.

  • @chrishamm
    Nice Work Thanks alot!
    Iam happy now ! 🙂 I can use the RPI with ffmpeg & Telegramm 😄

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